Cucurrucucz Paloma, “Talk To Her"

電影本身已不大有印象, 倒是這一幕, 一直在腦海中。

如泣如訴, 又各懷心事。人情世故, 連綿無盡。

如蒙各方好友解釋歌詞的內容, 感激不盡。

~ 由 sunfai 於 九月 16, 2007.

5 回應 to “Cucurrucucz Paloma, “Talk To Her"”

  1. 請看 羅展鳳的《電影x音樂》

  2. Cucurrucucú Paloma

    They say that for nights
    he no longer [[moved]] simply crying;
    They say that he didn’t eat,
    no longer [[stirred]], only drinking.
    They swear that the sky itself
    trembled to hear his weeping,
    how he suffered for her,
    and until he was dying he was calling her:

    Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay… he sang,
    Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay… he cried,
    Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay… he sang,
    Of mortal passion… he died.

    [They say] That a sad dove
    goes very early to him to sing,
    to the single small house,
    with its little doors wide open;
    they swear that the dove
    is nothing else but her soul,
    that still waits and hopes
    for the unfortunate one to return.

    Cucurrucucú… Dove,
    Cucurrucucú… don’t cry
    [to] The stones [of the house], never, Dove,
    what will they know of love?
    Cucurrucucú, cucurrucucú
    Cucurrucucú… Dove, cry for him no more.

  3. 多謝樓上兩位!

  4. 今朝無聊, 拎返隻《春光乍洩》Soundtrack出嚟, 先發覺, 原來這隻歌係套戲都有用到……

    事必有因, 事必有因。

  5. […] 同一首歌, 記得第二次聽的場景, 忘了第一次。卻原來, 就放在腦背後的那個角落, 一經照射, 又喚起了某些聲線、光影、氣味、感覺。 […]


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